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Marathon Motivation – 7 random tips to stay motivated

Personally I’m at week 13 of my marathon programme and I’m feeling a general “what is the point?” kind of of vibe creeping into everything.  I’ve cobbled together some tips to help anyone in a similar position stay motivated…. Hang … Continue reading

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Do you need to be thin to run? Random thoughts on eating, not eating, and running.

Do you need to be thin to run? This is a question oft debated in Runners World magazine.  Usually the conclusion is that: “You don’t need to be stick thin to run, but losing a few pounds can’t hurt!” Yeah, … Continue reading

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Some essential kit for running in winter

If you think you can get away with wearing minimal kit, you’ll find that Siberia has very different ideas.  Here is a shot of me after running an 11 mile training run at night across the canal in -3 degrees Celsius. … Continue reading

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5 pragmatic training tips for running a better and faster marathon

Right now the hottest it is getting in London is 2 degrees.  And it is blowing a wind that cuts through your bones like an icy knife of death.  Running is still possible, and in the sun it is still … Continue reading

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Cross training #1 – Pilates for runners

Anyone who has contemplated running a marathon has been told of pilates or thought: “Maybe I should give this pilates a go?  What is pilates anyway?” Pilates was a system invented by Joseph H Pilates (nicknamed von Clunge-magnet) who was … Continue reading

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My 18-week training plan for Milton Keynes marathon 2012

My training for Milton Keynes 2012 marathon starts on Boxing Day.  I won’t actually be doing any running that day, because I have some cross-training (eating turkey) commitments, but I will be running the day after. “What?  You are going … Continue reading

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Book Review : Advanced Marathoning

Book Review : Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger I was recommended this book by a lot of people that run sub 3-hour marathons.  It appears to be widely accepted as the most comprehensive marathon reference book currently available. My warning … Continue reading

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