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Running a marathon with the Norovirus (Gastric flu) – a step-by-step guide

1st Step – DO Get the norovirus (gastric flu) The best way is to overtrain until there is absolutely nothing left of your immune system.  I will explain the secrets to “The art of overtraining”  in my next blog.  After you … Continue reading

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Which running dog are you? 10 types of dog to choose from!

This week, boy on the run tackles one the big issues of running: which running dog would you be? 1. Greyhound Sleek, fast, light and highly compact, the greyhound likes to run. In fact when he’s not running the greyhound … Continue reading

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Running solely to lose weight – from zero to “size zero hero” without having to buy too much gear-o.

On this blog I have mainly talked about what is loosely termed competitive running. Working hard, training smart and being hell bent on becoming a faster and stronger runner. Getting in the top 20%.  Maybe even winning some races.  The reality … Continue reading

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Being sick and training for a marathon – Dos and Don’ts

This week I was sick.  I struggled not just to train, but to make it to the shops. Or out of bed.  I was pathetic.  This was the 10 days leading up to my last big 20 mile run and … Continue reading

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Do you need to be thin to run? Random thoughts on eating, not eating, and running.

Do you need to be thin to run? This is a question oft debated in Runners World magazine.  Usually the conclusion is that: “You don’t need to be stick thin to run, but losing a few pounds can’t hurt!” Yeah, … Continue reading

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No one cares!

You know that sub-40 minute 10km that you can on that hilly course against the 30km/h headwind? The one you trained for by doing hour after hour of 2km intervals in the pouring ran until your lungs were burning and … Continue reading

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