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Never give up – Running and masochism

In last year’s boat race (2012) Oxford’s bow rower Alex Woods passed out from what was described by Oxford’s coach as “pushing himself beyond his limits”. Obviously this sparked a certain amount of debate about the expectation of endurance sport and … Continue reading

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The different types of runner – part 3

(follows on from part 1 and part 2) 1. Multi-eye disc-eye-plyne super athlete This guy is running in a local 10km race because the wind  is too much for surfing, too little for windsurfing, the football and rugby teams that … Continue reading

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How to look like a pro… without having to train

Training isn’t for everyone.  It is hard, it requires time sacrifices, and most of all: it hurts!  If you want to look good at your local 10km, training and being fast isn’t always the best way.  This article has some … Continue reading

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Why I’m glad I’m more of a runner than a cyclist

I’ve always been a runner but in the last few years (mainly for transport and medical reasons) I’ve dabbled in the world of the cyclist.  I’ve bought the road bike, the clip shoes, the helmet and I’ve donned lycra that fits … Continue reading

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Sorry – Boy On The run is on holiday

Sorry guys, I am currently cycling across Morocco and will not be posting until Jun 12th. I do have some awesome posts lined up, sorry for the delay! Boy On The Run (in an Internet cafe in Fez)

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The art of overtraining

Step 1 – Never let your body recover This is the fundamental concept behind the “art” (and yes it is an art) of overtraining. If you find yourself feeling weird emotions such as “relaxed” or “refreshed” and that you’re actually enjoying running, then it is … Continue reading

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Running a marathon with the Norovirus (Gastric flu) – a step-by-step guide

1st Step – DO Get the norovirus (gastric flu) The best way is to overtrain until there is absolutely nothing left of your immune system.  I will explain the secrets to “The art of overtraining”  in my next blog.  After you … Continue reading

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