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No one cares!

You know that sub-40 minute 10km that you can on that hilly course against the 30km/h headwind? The one you trained for by doing hour after hour of 2km intervals in the pouring ran until your lungs were burning and … Continue reading

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Cross training #1 – Pilates for runners

Anyone who has contemplated running a marathon has been told of pilates or thought: “Maybe I should give this pilates a go?  What is pilates anyway?” Pilates was a system invented by Joseph H Pilates (nicknamed von Clunge-magnet) who was … Continue reading

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My 18-week training plan for Milton Keynes marathon 2012

My training for Milton Keynes 2012 marathon starts on Boxing Day.  I won’t actually be doing any running that day, because I have some cross-training (eating turkey) commitments, but I will be running the day after. “What?  You are going … Continue reading

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Book Review : Advanced Marathoning

Book Review : Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger I was recommended this book by a lot of people that run sub 3-hour marathons.  It appears to be widely accepted as the most comprehensive marathon reference book currently available. My warning … Continue reading

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Lactate Threshold… and how to improve it…

What is my lactate threshold? I think the easiest way to answer this question is to go through a list of things your lactate threshold isn’t: – Your ability to drink copious quantities of milk – How long you can … Continue reading

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Getting back in the zone… Heart rate zones explained – part 2

Like any normal person, upon reading about heart zones you have developed an itch to know what your heart rate zones are.  The ones given in the graph are just a very, very basic guide. Way 1 – Finding your maximum … Continue reading

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Getting in the zone…Heart rate zones explained – part 1

Many people run from the sheer joy of it.  They enjoy waking up, throwing on some trainers and zoning out alongside the beach or through a forest.  There are some people that run solely so they can eat what the … Continue reading

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